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Today is dozens of Grindr employees’ last day at work. Why?


Dozens of Grindr employees are losing their jobs after refusing to move across country

Earlier this month, Grindr employees announced their intent to unionize as Grindr United-CWA. Rather than recognize the union, the company issued a new return-to-office policy requiring staff to relocate or quit. Employees were given just two weeks to decide.


For the Grindr employees who refused to pick up and move as part of the company’s illegal union-busting, today is their last day at work.

Stand with Grindr United-CWA and call on Grindr CEO George Arison to respect Grindr employees’ right to unionize! Sign and share the petition to show your solidarity.

Join us on Sunday, September 10 or Saturday, September 16 at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET for an intro to unions and organizing training, where we talk about how to build a strong organizing committee.  All levels of experience are welcome and encouraged!

Check the CODE-CWA organizer training program for other upcoming trainings!

"Big Three" Auto workers vote to strike by 97% -- marking labor's next major battle

Workers at the three largest automakers in the U.S. – General Motors, Stellantis and Ford – just voted to authorize a potential strike of 144,000 autoworkers with 97% support. With the contract set to expire on September 14, workers will strike if the auto companies refuse to meet their demands.


These historic demands could redefine what is possible for the labor movement in the country. The UAW wants to restore COLA, end auto plant closures, end two-tier pay and benefits, regain defined-benefit pension and retiree health insurance, ensure job security and make all temporary workers permanent. Perhaps the most radical demand of this contract campaign is the demand for a 32-hour work week. Read more on Peoples Dispatch


Data Center Operators of Colorado-CWA Union Celebrates NLRB Election Victory

The members of Data Center Operators of Colorado-CWA Union, based at International Game Technology’s Pueblo, CO data center, are marking a significant step towards ensuring fair treatment and just compensation for workers in the data center industry. Read the full press release here

Labor unions are pushing hard for double-digit raises and better hours. Many are winning


More than 320,000 workers have participated in at least 230 strikes so far this year. Already, this amounts to more workers than last year, due in large part to the tens of thousands of striking workers in the film industry. Read more on CNBC

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September 5, 1882 – Between 20,000 and 30,000 people march in New York’s first Labor Day parade, demanding the eight-hour day. Congress doesn’t declare Labor Day a national holiday until 1894.

September 9, 1971 – The Attica Prison Uprising, which spans four days until September 13, breaks out in search of better living conditions and political rights for prisoners. The riot forced people across the country to take a closer look at prison conditions.

Union Train by The Almanac Singers


It's that union train a coming
It's that union train a coming
It's that union train a coming
Get on board get on board


It has saved many a thousand
It has saved many a thousand
It has saved many a thousand
Get on board get on board


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