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NLRB Issues Complaint—Apple Joining Ranks of Fellow Notorious Union-Busters Starbucks & Amazon

02 Jun, 2023

(Oklahoma City, OK)— Region 14 of The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has issued a Complaint against Apple for the corporations’ flagrant disregard of labor law. The Complaint alleges Apple engaged in multiple unfair labor practices at the Oklahoma City, OK store, where workers successfully formed a union with the Communications Workers of America despite Apple’s illegal interference. The unit is currently bargaining with Apple on their first union contract. The NLRB has found merit in several key charges and will prosecute Apple for breaking federal labor law. 


The Complaint alleges that Apple committed unfair labor practices in violation of National Labor Relations Act in an attempt to prevent employees from freely exercising their right to organize. This includes Apple: 


  • Illegally making statements to employees that support for Apple Retail Workers Union-CWA was futile

  • Illegally soliciting grievances from employees

  • Illegally interrogating employees about their support for Apple Retail Workers Union-CWA

  • Illegally holding mandatory captive audience meetings with employees

  • Illegally threatening employees by stating an organized location would not receive the same improvements to working conditions as unorganized locations

  • Illegally threatened its employees with retaliation if they selected Apple Retail Workers Union-CWA as their bargaining representative


Despite Apple’s public commitments to develop and retain top talent, the corporation has chosen to attack its own employees for simply seeking to exercise their legally protected right to organize. The NLRB’s Complaint makes clear that Apple’s behavior puts the company among the worst and most aggressive union-busters in the country, in step with Amazon and Starbucks. 


“My colleagues and I joined together to form a union because we want to improve Apple by making sure we have the resources we need to grow and provide the experience that customers have come to expect. In response, Apple executives have chosen to position the company as one of the most aggressive union-busters in the country. Other Apple workers who want and deserve to have a voice should take note: the NLRB and our union have your back. As we began bargaining last month, my coworkers and I remain committed to organizing and securing our first union contract,” said Patrick Hart, Apple retail worker and member of the Apple Retail Union-CWA.


Workers at stores in Atlanta, New York, Oklahoma City, Houston and Kansas City have all experienced retaliation for exercising their legally protected right to organize. Apple has escalated its union-busting tactics by illegally firing multiple workers in Kansas City, Oklahoma City and Houston. CWA has filed multiple Unfair Labor Practice Charges on behalf of workers to hold the corporation accountable. 


Undeterred by Apple’s illegal union-busting, workers at the Oklahoma City store have remained united and successfully won their union election with CWA on October 14, 2022. Workers began their first bargaining session on May 16, 2023 and remain committed to securing their fair share through their first union contract. 




The Campaign to Organize Digital Employees (CODE-CWA) is an initiative by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) supporting workers’ organizing efforts in the technology and game industries.




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