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New CWA report reveals alarming racial inequities at Apple, TCGplayer continues its union-busting & more

A new report from CWA reveals alarming findings regarding racial inequities experienced amongst Apple retail workers, who represent nearly 40% of Apple’s entie workforce. The data makes clear the need for every Apple retail worker to have a union.

Surveys of 120 Apple retail workers and other company data shed light on the fact that although Apple is increasing its numbers of Black and Hispanic workers in the U.S., the company has failed to translate its increasingly diverse Sales workforce into an equally diverse Sales leadership. In fact, Apple is primarily increasing employment of Black and Hispanic workers in the lowest paid tiers of jobs, where workers say they don’t have a clear path to attain advancement opportunities.

Unionization is proven to achieve equitable pay and access to key leadership roles, among other protections against discrimination, for Black and Hispanic workers. That’s exactly why Apple retail workers and CWA are demanding the company take measurable action steps to stop its union-busting efforts, and allow its workforce to exercise its right to organize.

It’s not only at Apple that workers are experiencing discrimination, inequity and other injustices at work. Tech, game and digital workers have been joining together to make our companies better places to work. Join us!


Join us on Saturday, June 3 at 10AM ET/ 7 AM PT for an organizer training, where we talk about connecting with co-workers and union basics. 

Join us on Sunday, June 4 at 1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT for a building the committee training, where we talk about how to build a strong organizing committee.

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Worker News

Apple Retail Union-CWA members in Oklahoma City are ready to fight. Shoutout to @pennsquarelabor & @Apple_Union! Photo source.

Apple Retail Union members in OKC kick off bargaining for their first union contract

Last week, Apple Retail Union-CWA members in Oklahoma City began bargaining their first union contract. This marks the first time Apple retail workers unionized withCWA are coming together to negotiate with the world’s most profitable corporation. After facing increasing union-busting attempts from Apple over months, these workers are now forcing the company to meet them at the bargaining table to negotiate for greater transparency and workplace benefits at Apple. Show your solidarity with Apple Retail Union-CWA in OKC!

TCGplayer management stalls on meeting workers at bargaining table 

TCGplayer workers won their union election in March. The company is delaying and refusing to meet workers at the bargaining table, among other union-busting tactics. It’s time to up the pressure! Send a letter to TCGplayer CEO Rob Bigler to demand he respect his workers’ right to organize and meet them at the bargaining table in good faith!

Companies Are Taking a Harder Line on Union Organizers, Workers Say

It turns out that Apple is just as much of a union-buster as other major companies, including Starbucks, Trader Joe’s and REI. “It took us time to realize they weren’t firing us just because of time and attendance,” said Gemma Wyatt, who is part of a charge filed with the National Labor Relations Board in March accusing Apple of unfair labor practices. Read more on New York Times


Amazon employees plan to walk off the job as tech worker tension rises

The walkout, which organizers hope will draw at least 1,000 Seattle-based participants, is part of a greater wave of anxiety spilling over into agitation among Silicon Valley workers as hiring freezes follow mass layoffs amid a looming potential recession. Read more on The Washington Post


Interview: 'There was all sorts of toxic behaviour': Timnit Gebru on her sacking by Google, AI's dangers and big tech's biases

"It feels like a gold rush," says Timnit Gebru. "In fact, it is a gold rush. And a lot of the people who are making money are not the people actually in the midst of it. But it's humans who decide whether all of this should be done or not. We should remember that we have the agency to do that." Read more on The Guardian


Apple Fires Houston Worker, Escalating Illegal Union-Busting Campaign

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) filed an Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on behalf of an Apple retail worker in Houston, TX, who was illegally fired for organizing. This is the second ULP filed by CWA against Apple for the unlawful termination of workers for union organizing, demonstrating a clear illegal escalation by Apple against worker organizing. Read the press release here


This Week in History

29th May, 1941 Animators working for Walt Disney begin what was to become a successful five-week strike for recognition of their union, the Screen Cartoonists’ Guild.


Song of the Week

Rich Man's House by Resistance Revival Chorus

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Under my feet, under my feet
Ain’t gonna let the system walk all over me!

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