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CODE-CWA Newsletter: April 26, 2024


Apple Workers Awarded Settlement by NLRB in Apple Retail Workers Union-CWA Victory

In a victory for union workers at the Apple Penn Square store in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) approved a settlement agreement for an Unfair Labor Practice charge filed last year by CWA against Apple. 

CWA filed charges on behalf of workers after Apple terminated its COVID-19 sick leave policy without negotiating with the union. In December 2023, the NLRB found that this action by Apple violated the National Labor Relations Act, which requires management to bargain with its union-represented workers’ before making changes to terms and conditions of employment. 

The settlement restores sick leave for affected employees and ensures that workers will have a voice in how any future public health emergencies affect their working conditions.

“We joined together to form a union so that we could have a legally protected voice in policies that affect us. If Apple executives didn't understand that before, they do now. This settlement makes it clear that they cannot ignore our union. It's time for the company to accept that we are here to stay and to stop stalling at the bargaining table,” said Michael Forsythe, Genius Admin and member of the Penn Square Apple Store Bargaining Committee.


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Historic Union Win at Volkswagen 


Volkswagen workers in Tennessee just joined the United Auto Workers (UAW). This is a historic victory. They’re the first workers to win a union at a non-union car company in the United States in decades.


This victory comes after the UAW went on strike and won landmark contracts with big improvements at the big three automakers last year. 


“If Volkswagen workers at plants in Germany and Mexico have unions, why not us?” equipment operator Briam Calderon said ahead of the vote.


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The FTC just banned non-compete agreements.

The Federal Trade Commission has voted in favor of adopting a historic and far-reaching ban on non-compete agreements.


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Big Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Strike News

The NLRB is seeking an injunction against the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 18 months after workers struck to compel the newspaper to follow the law and provide health insurance to workers.


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April 25, 1886 – The New York Times declares the struggle for an eight-hour workday to be “un-American” and calls public demonstrations for the shorter hours “labor disturbances brought about by foreigners.” Other publications declare that an eight-hour workday would bring about “loafing and gambling, rioting, debauchery, and drunkenness.”


April 27,1911 – James Oppenheim’s poem “Bread and Roses” is published in the IWW newspaper, Industrial Solidarity.


April 28, 1971 – Congress creates OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The AFL-CIO sets April 28 as “Workers Memorial Day” to honor all workers killed or injured on the job every year.



They'll Never Keep Us Down by Hazel Dickens


United we stand, divided we fall
For every dime they give us a battle must be fought
So working people use your power the key to liberty
Don't support the rich man's style of luxury
There ain't no way they can ever keep us down
There ain't no way they can ever keep us down
We won't be bought, we won't be sold
To be treated right, well that's our goal
There ain't no way they can ever keep us down
We've been shot, we've been jailed, lord it's a sin
Women and children stood right by the men
We've got a union contract that keeps the worker free
They'll never shoot that union out of me

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