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CODE-CWA Newsletter: March 1, 2024


IGN Workers Join the NewsGuild-CWA

IGN workers have organized to join the NewsGuild-CWA and IGN has agreed to voluntarily recognize their union. That means workers have officially won their union without having to go through an election process. This comes after workers launched a petition signed by thousands of supporters asking IGN to recognize their union.


Workers celebrated by hosting a Twitch stream with NewsGuild-CWA President Jon Schleuss. They played Fortnite and discussed how they organized and what’s next now that they’ve won voluntary recognition.


"A lot of things at IGN are really good, but a lot of those good things could disappear at any moment. We could get sold off, our management could change…So having the protection of a union during this media environment just feels safe," said Rebekah Valentine, Senior Reporter at IGN.


Congratulations to IGN workers!


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Follow them: @IGNUnion


New York Times Article: Why Microsoft Has Accepted Unions, Unlike Its Rivals

Thanks to the historic neutrality agreement between CWA and Microsoft, within a few years, Microsoft could have thousands of union employees working under collective bargaining agreements, making it an outlier in big tech.


Workers organizing their union at Microsoft consider neutrality “an absolute gift,” said Autumn Mitchell, a quality assurance tester who helped organize her union at ZeniMax.


Read more in the New York Times.



Are you an employee of the digital, tech and/or game industry and ready to get involved in the broader fight for dignity and respect at work?

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Huge Step Forward for Unionizing Starbucks Baristas

📷: Starbucks Workers United


Hundreds of Starbucks stores have organized over the last two years, but Starbucks has dragged its feet on settling a fair first union contract. Now, workers have reached a breakthrough with the company. 


Starbucks Workers United and Starbucks have agreed to begin discussions on a foundational framework to achieve collective bargaining agreements for represented stores and partners, the resolution of litigation between the union and the company, including brand litigation, and a fair process for workers to organize!

This is a giant step forward made possible by thousands and thousands of workers joining together and demanding better from Starbucks!


Read more.


Law360 union ready to strike!

Law360 workers have voted to authorize a strike if necessary. 


They are demanding that LexisNexis and Law360 do right by workers!


Read more.


February 27, 1875 – Legendary Labor leader and socialist presidential candidate Eugene V. Debs becomes a charter member and secretary of the Vigo Lodge, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen. Five years later, he led the national union, and in 1893, helped found the nation’s first industrial union, the American Railway Union.


February 27, 1937 – Four hundred and fifty Woolworth’s workers and customers occupy the store for eight days in support of the Waiters and Waitresses Union, Detroit.


February 27, 1939 – The Supreme Court rules that sit-down strikes, a major organizing tool for industrial unions, are illegal.



Tear the fascists down by Woody Guthrie


There's a great and a bloody fight 'round this whole world tonight
And the battle, the bombs and shrapnel reign
Hitler told the world around he would tear our union down
But our union's gonna break them slavery chains
Our union's gonna break them slavery chains

I walked up on a mountain in the middle of the sky
Could see every farm and every town
I could see all the people in this whole wide world
That's the union that'll tear the fascists down, down, down
That's the union that'll tear the fascists down

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