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CODE-CWA Newsletter: September 10

10 Sep, 2021

CODE-CWA Newsletter: September 10

“Our union joins the growing movement of unionized tech companies that are ensuring their workers have a real voice on the job in order to build workplaces that reflect our values and empower all of us.” - Gabby Weiss, a digital content creator and union member at EveryAction

Management at EveryAction, the fastest-growing nonprofit CRM, donor management, and fundraising software provider in the U.S., has recognized its new union, facilitated through CODE-CWA. The 240-worker strong union was voluntarily recognized on September 3, making it one of the largest unions of tech workers in the country. Meanwhile the New York Times continues to drag its feet on its union of tech workers and investors are now shaming the management of video gaming giant Activision Blizzard to do better by its workers.

While big tech companies’ exploitative practices bring in bad press, CWA continues to fight for workers and stronger labor protections. The good news is that more companies and investors are realizing how important our work is. In fact, two recent studies showed our organizing is working! According to a Gallup poll, approval for unions are at an all time high. In addition, the Economic Policy Institute reported 95% of unionized workers have access to employer health insurance, compared to 68% of non unionized workers.

Union organizing and conversations around unfair and exploitative practices are picking up steam in the tech, gaming and digital industries. In this newsletter, we’ll give you the latest on worker organizing, from EveryAction to Activision Blizzard and more.

Through our support of workers across the tech, games, and digital industries we have seen a cultural shift as workers turn to each other to bring the change they seek. This commitment to building democracy in the workplace will impact all of us. Are you looking to organize your workplace? Reach out. We are ready to organize with you.


On September 11, join us for a 12PM PST organizer training where we talk about union basics, the CWA organizing models, and some key ways to connect with co-workers through organizing. You can also attend our class on building a committeeon September 12 at 12 PM PST.

Worker News

Management of EveryAction Recognizes Workers Union with CODE-CWA

The EveryAction Workers Union has become the largest progressive tech union in America after a supermajority of workers voted to establish the union. The management of EveryAction also recognized the union with the CODE-CWA. EveryAction is the fastest-growing nonprofit CRM, donor management, and fundraising software provider. Read more on Twitter.  

Tech Companies Can’t Ignore Labor Day Anymore

Some of the largest employers in the US are now tech companies, which means this sector is determined to have greater significance this labor day and beyond. Gig workers are battling companies in California, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that Amazon violated labor laws, and even workers at Apple have begun speaking out. Emma Kineman, lead organizer at CODE-CWA said, “We are seeing the beginning of an explosion of activity in our industry.” Though a majority of the tech industry is not unionized, many workers are interested in collective bargaining and are pressuring their companies to acknowledge their demands. According to Kineman, “Whenever people are surveyed, it's very clear that an overwhelming majority want to have a union.” Read more on Protocol.

Approval of Labor Unions at Highest Point Since 1965

Approval for labor unions are at an all time high according to polls from Gallup. 68% of Americans are pro-labor unions, which is the highest number ever recorded in over half a century. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents each have more than a 20% higher approval rating for labor unions compared to their lowest after 2001. Since 2016 the approval for labor unions has increased among almost all major demographic subgroups. 17% of Americans currently live in a union member household and 77% of adults aged 18-34 approve of labor unions. Read more here.

Unions Help Reduce Disparities And Strengthen Our Democracy

According to the Economic Policy Institute, unions benefit ALL workers, even non unionized ones. Unions raise wages, reduce income inequality, and provide better benefits for families and workers across sectors. Workers covered by a union contract have a 10.2% higher hourly wage as compared to similar non unionized workers. 95% of unionized workers have access to employer health insurance, compared to 68% of non unionized workers. Union employers also are 22.5% more likely to offer a retirement plan and spend 27.7% more on average. In areas with low union density companies are able to push policies that hurt working people. High density union regions get progressive policies and help strengthen America’s democracy. Read more here.

NYT Tech Guild Testifies at the National Labor Relations Board

Tech workers at the New York Times are testifying to the National Labor Relations Board, the regulatory body for unions, for the right to vote for a union contract. The NYT has made a case to exclude all non-engineers from the NYT Tech Guild in an effort to limit the union’s size and voice. The Tech guild believes that after their testimony other tech workers such as project managers and designers will be recognized as a part of their guild. Read more from the NYT Tech Guild.

Investors Are Trying to Fix the Most Toxic Company in Video Games

The Strategic Organizing Center Investment Group (SOC), a shareholder group with 3 million shares in Activision Blizzard, are making headlines for speaking out against the company. In June, the SOC rallied to deny CEO Bobby Kotick a $150 million dollar pay package and are rallying for better working conditions within the company. “What we really learned from the state of California lawsuit was both that those problems were genuinely acute and severe at Activision Blizzard, that senior management at the very least had been repeatedly informed and made aware of those serious abusive practices throughout the organization, and that it had allowed those practices to go unaddressed for many, many years.” said Richard Clayton the research director for the SOC. The SOC believes better working conditions for workers will ultimately benefit everyone involved. Read more on Slate.

This Week in History

September 5, 1882: The first labor day celebration was organized by New York's Central Labor Union and had 10,000 workers in attendance.

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