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CODE-CWA Newsletter: March 31

CODE-CWA Newsletter: March 31

CODE-CWA booth at GDC. Shoutout to @ZeniMaxWorkers @tchumanunion @ABetterABK @WeAreGWAAlbany @PaizoWorkers @BellevueMOW @AlphabetWorkers

The CWA booth at GDC was a huge success. We had workers from Zenimax Workers United-CWA, Tender Claws Human Union, United Paizio Workers, Bellevue Mox Organized Workers, Alphabet Workers Union-CWA, and Game Workers Alliance and more answer attendees’ questions and tell them all about unionizing.

What do Starbucks and Apple have in common? Both companies have been illegally union-busting across the country. A federal judge even found that Starbucks has violated labor law hundreds of times. Apple and Starbucks also use the same union busting tactics— in fact the companies hired the same union busting law firm (Littler Mendelson). First both companies isolate employees through mandatory captive audience meetings, then they intimidate workers. If intimidation does not work, they fire organizing employees and silence workers. Apple recently fired 5 organizing employees. Some were even required to sign a “release of all claims” to discourage them from speaking out.

Companies conspire together and launch coordinated union-busting campaigns against us. But together, you can help us fight back. We did it for Starbucks.Reach out! Let’s put the pressure back on them & stand up for our right to organize.


On Sunday, April 2nd join us for an organizer training at 1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT where we talk about connecting with co-workers and union basics. And on Saturday, April 8th at 1 PM ET/ 10 AM PT join us for a building the committee training where we talk about how to build a strong organizing committee. Check the CODE-CWA organizer training program for upcoming classes!

Worker News


There were 200,000 more unionized workers in the US from 2021 to 2022. 100% was from workers of color. Above L.A. public school teachers, support staff and supporters rally outside of school district headquarters.

Apple Illegally Fired Five Labor Activists, Union Says

Five labor activists at Apple were illegally fired for organizing. According to Apple, the employees were fired for tardiness and other attendance related issues. Gemma Wyatt, one of the terminated employees who had been with Apple for over seven years, was fired for a few days of attendance related issues. She was late by an average of one minute. “I had a long history with the company, and I loved my job,” said Wyatt. According to several employees being fired for attendance related issues was highly uncommon prior to their organization effort. CWA has already filed multiple Unfair Labor Practice charges against Apple with the NLRB. Read more on the Washington Post

Google Was Beloved as an Employer for Years. Then It Laid off Thousands by Email

On January 20, Google laid off 12,000 workers by email. The workers were not given notice, a proper explanation, allowed to say goodbye, or clean their desks. The laid off workers included high performers employees on health leave, company veterans, and even an employee in labor with her second child. No one is safe. As Hayden Lawrence, a current Google engineer and member of AWU explains, “There’s kind of a myth in tech that a lot of folks believe, that with a good work ethic and your own strong performance, you’ll be able to remain employed. But I think we’ve seen that you can’t just rely on individually doing your best, we need to collectively work together and organize,” The layoffs highlight the need for all tech workers to unionize. This is especially true, when one considers that Google has been known for many years as the company that puts employees’ well being above all. The sudden and cold-hearted nature of the layoffs show that anything is possible. Read more on CNN

Ebay's TCGPlayer Accused of Union Busting

Iris St. Lucy, a major organizer at TCGPlayer was fired after employees decided to unionize. The Employees feel this is the latest in the company’s attempt at union busting. “We do not believe that the termination of an organizer this close to our election is a coincidence, and we will not stand for the denial of our Weingarten rights,” posted TCGunion-CWA in a statement. Employees have already filed 4 complaints against TCGPlayer with the NLRB. In addition to wrongful termination, employees complained that management has been interfering with unionization efforts, and taking note of pro-union apparel. Many are also concerned that by acquiring one of the largest trading card marketplaces, Ebay may be trying to become a monopoly. Read more here

How a Verizon Worker Beat the Company’s Union Busters

Jesse Mason, a Verizon worker in Washington State was fired for organizing two retail stores in Seattle. After getting fired, he joined CWA, organized a store in Portland, and got the NLRB to issue a complaint against the company. Mason was able to get reinstated, receive $23,000 in compensation, and an admission by the company that his co-workers could safely form a union. “This isn’t just a win for me, it’s a win for everyone across the country who is organizing. To anyone who wishes they had a union, but doesn’t want to get fired for organizing: Don’t be afraid. One way or another, you will win,” expressed Mason. Read more here

Coalition Urges Probe of Large Federal Contractor’s Diversity Efforts

The labor alliance of CWA, the NAACP, and the Strategic Organizing Center, are urging the Biden Administration to investigate systemic racism and sexism at Maximus— one of the nation’s largest federal service contractors. According to U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission data, women make up 48% of front line workers at Maximus, but only 5% of executives. People of color makeup 69% of front line workers, and women account for 76% of the workforce, while 50% of upper management are white males. “For years, Maximus workers in Mississippi, primarily Black women, have had to fight for better working conditions. If we are serious about racial justice in federal contracting, the Biden Administration must investigate the unacceptable disparities at Maximus,” said Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.). Read more on the Washington Post


This Week in History

28th March 1935 The first ever strike against a public utility begins against a public utility in the U.S. Laclede Gas Light Co, in St. Louis, faced four months of strike by the Gas House Workers’ Union (Local 18799)


Song of the Week

Pay Me My Money Down by Bruce Springsteen

Well 40 nights, nights at sea

Pay me my money down,

Captain worked every last dollar out of me,

Pay me my money down


Oh pay me, oh pay me,

Pay me my money down,

Pay me or go to jail,

Pay me my money down