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CODE-CWA membership hits a new milestone!

20 Aug, 2023

CODE-CWA membership grows by more than 1,000 in a year, signaling a new era for organizing in the tech industry

We have officially surpassed 4,000 tech, game and digital worker members in the Communications Workers of America! There are more than 35 units and counting that are now part of CODE-CWA. 


This growth is reflective of more and more workers recognizing the value of the labor they provide for these massive companies raking in millions or billions of dollars in profits every year, while they struggle to make ends meet. With the increase in mass layoffs, and bosses attempting to replace some workers with AI, the best protection workers in the tech industry can fight for is a union.

It’s clear that nothing can stop the growing movement of tech workers joining together for a voice at work. Join the 4,000+ CODE-CWA members to continue to build worker power in the tech industry!

Join us on Sunday, August 20 at 10 AM PT/1 PM ET for a building the committee training, where we talk about how to build a strong organizing committee. 


Join us on Saturday, August 26 at 10am PT/1PM ET for an organizer training, where we talk about connecting with co-workers and union basics. 


Check the CODE-CWA organizer training program for other upcoming trainings!

Worker power forces eBay and TCGplayer to recognize union and commit to bargaining with TCGunion-CWA

In March, members of TCGunion-CWA won their union and made history. For nearly 5 months, eBay and its subsidiary TCGplayer have attempted to stall and bust this union by refusing to bargain in good faith and even attempting to appeal the union election.


In a major victory for workers everywhere, last week, the NLRB overturned eBay’s appeal of the union election that took place back in March. And just one day later, eBay and TCGplayer formally recognized TCGunion-CWA and committed to begin bargaining for a first contract.


"Even in the face of a relentless union-busting campaign and expensive union-busting lawyers—we, the workers of TCGunion-CWA, remain undefeated. We won our union election, and we now have won a commitment from TCGplayer and eBay to meet us at the bargaining table,” said Briana Thomas, eBay worker and TCGunion-CWA member.


Once again, workers united have shown that corporate greed and union-busting can’t stand a chance in the face of worker solidarity. Read the full press release here.


Workers of the moovel Technical Union-CWA win union election!

Moovel workers, who are responsible for developing software tools to improve rider experience for transit agencies such as BART, SFMTA, MDOT and more just won their union election, xx - xx! With their union, the workers of moovel Technical Union-CWA are fighting to establish the working conditions necessary to ensure healthy employee retention and sustainability. Read more and boost the news on Twitter

Move or quit: Grindr dictates new office rules amid union drive


Two weeks after members of Grindr United-CWA filed to unionize, the company told workers they would have to decide – within two weeks – whether they would move cross-country, or be fired. This comes after Grindr has neglected to recognize the unionization effort of its employees, and has hired the same notorious union-busting law firm used by Starbucks and Amazon. Read more on NYTimes. And sign the petition to show your support for Grindr United-CWA!

Microsoft lives their worker organizing principles

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision will give 10,000 workers a chance to join the Communications Workers of America union without the intimidation and threats that are common across the industry. This may lay new ground for workers – and companies – in the technology and video game industries. Read more here

Google illegally cut contract staffers who worked on AI, union alleges

Alphabet Workers Union filed a ULP alleging that the company illegally ended contract employment for a majority of Google Help workers as they were trying to unionize. Read more on Bloomberg

Why should CEOs make 300 times what their workers make?

Among the many demands that the new leadership of the United Auto Workers has made to the Big Three legacy automakers, perhaps the greatest is the call for a 40 percent raise for its members over the four-year period of its next contract. This statistic is based on the 40% compensation increase that the companies’ CEOs have received over the past 4 years. In other words, if the bosses are raking it in, why aren’t their employees? Read more here

CEOs' pay climbed before layoffs at tech giants like Alphabet and Microsoft, data shows

While some tech giants neared or imposed widespread layoffs last year, compensation for their CEOs climbed as much as tens of millions of dollars. Near the outset of 2023, Alphabet announced plans to lay off 10,000 workers, despite CEO Sundar Pichai making a staggering 3,474% salary increase from 2022. Having made $225 million, Pichai is now the nation’s highest-paid CEO. Read more on ABC News

August 21, 1831 – Nat Turner’s Rebellion, a historic uprising of enslaved Africans in Virginia began in Southampton County, VA.


August 22, 1945 – Five flight attendants form the Air Line Stewardesses Association, the first labor union representing flight attendants. The association later became the Association of Flight Attendants, now a division of the Communications Workers of America.


August 26, 1970 – The Women’s Strike for Equality is staged in cities across the U.S., marking the 50th anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment, in which women won the right to vote. A key focus of the “strike” was equality in the workplace.


August 28, 1963 – The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom is held in Washington D.C., with 250,000 people participating. During this march, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.

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